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    I am looking for programmer to create application, I should be able to manage clients,
    Able to add new clients i.e personal, income, expenditure etc.
    Able assign a binder name or client reference name
    able to edit clients
    remove clients

    able to create letters from inputted information. All letters are pre - formatted, few boxes to be edited.
    able to service monthly client
    able to create full page of sub sheet from inputted date in excel format I have pre -formatted style I would like to use.

    Back office:
    able to create active clients
    pipeline client I am working with
    client completed cases.
    Accounting purpose : total gross monthly stored how much i earned every month.

    I can give more information once agreed. It is a easy application with lot of inputting boxes. I will looking to expand in future but for now I want something basic to start

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    United Kingdom

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      George O. Edward

      i am a full stack developer and can perfectly develop, deliver this task with 100% task delivery right on time. let us discuss.

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