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From inside the app a message is sent to a site
and as soon as a condition is fulfilled, another
message is sent back to the mobile.

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Ioan-Tudor Stratulat

-degree in stats and maths/master in financial math/owner of a domain where I hosted several websites such as and -exerience in dealing with analyses of xlsx,csv,txt files with Python,Matlab,R,C++,SPSS; -image processing with opencv/matlab -k-means clustering analyses,ANOVA,tests of concordance(chi-2),tests for difference of mediums; -experience in VaR(value at risks) determination both with Matlab and R;(function quantile()); -lecture from tutorials/youtube tutorials; -an APK made for a firm in Canada having a link inserted in its Main Activity.Java code; -I have Android Studio and Visual Studio for developing mobile products installed on my laptop;

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Ahmad Raza

Hello client I am a professional software developer in industry with 2 years+ experience. In my MS project I did a lot of work on android development. I Recently started freelancing. Client satisfaction would be my first preference as I need good reviews more than money. I look forward to discuss the requirements further with you and start working as soon as possible. You will have a good experience working with me. Thank you

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